Warranty Terms & Conditions

TCM Waterproofing, LLC conditionally extends a warranty on the Interior Water-Control and Exterior Waterproofing systems to the owner of the home, therefore it is transferable for the lifetime of the structure in which it was installed.  

Should a failure occur, TCM, solely, will repair or replace defective material.  When a sump pump is installed as part of the system, the warranty is effective only when annual inspections are completed.  The warranty is voided on an exterior waterproofing system if the waterproofed area is not kept free of any organic material including mulch or soil.  Concrete surface cracking is a common part of the curing process and shall not be considered cause for a warranty claim.

EXCLUSIONS:  Failure due to acts of nature, including but not limited to:  earthquake, flood, fire, pest damage, etc., collision by equipment or vehicle, construction to the wall, removal of gravel on exterior of wall, deterioration of concrete, masonry, or lumber attached or adjacent to components, wall settlement, abuse, misuse, or other physical damage to the material from contact with other objects or materials.  TCM excludes and will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, whether arising out of contract, tort, or otherwise.  The remedy of repair, replacement or refund of the actual purchase price of the product provided by this limited warranty is the exclusive remedy with respect to any and all loss or damage.

Any dispute regarding this warranty or relating to your product shall be resolved exclusively in the State of Ohio, with application of Ohio law.  If a warranty issue should arise, contact TCM Waterproofing at 330-897-2131 or email us at [email protected].