Why Call TCM WATERPROOFING If Your Home Needs Interior Or Exterior Waterproofing In Tuscarawas County, Ohio?

Rain happens and when it does, it's not only pretty flowers that result from the downpours it's also unfortunately, raising the water table in the soil around your home. Your basement is the lowest point of entry, therefore it is where issues arise. Gutters will direct water to the foundation of your house. Concrete block is porous, over time they absorb moisture and can result in cracked or bowed foundation walls. What happens when water intrudes into a basement? When the water evaporates, mold and mildew grow on the affected walls. This intrusion causes health problems arising from inhaling mold spores.


What would a homeowner look for in their basement before they call in the waterproofing experts?

Condensation on basement windows
Warped or swelling doors
Cracked floors or walls
Leaking floors or walls
Water stained floors or walls
Puddles on the floor
A musty, damp odor that fails to stop


Basement waterproofing will prevent any further water damage. Waterproofing experts will determine the best solution whether it is an interior or exterior system. Our interior basement water control system consists of all work being completed inside the basement. The floor is opened next to the outside walls, and a drain tile is installed. The drain tile system collects any water that is under your foundation - it acts as a funnel that will move the water into the drain. The drain is surrounded with gravel to keep it clean. Next, the drain system is connected to a sump pump, which discharges the water into your yard or downspout discharge line.


Our exterior waterproofing system consists of an excavation of all dirt that sits against the walls and down to the footer level. Once the excavation has been completed, we replace the footer tiles, pressure wash the walls, seal any crack with hydraulic cement, spray the walls with a rubberized waterproofing sealant, seal the walls with a waterproof membrane, and cover it back up with gravel to grade level.


It's not enough just to know that the water in a basement will cause physical as well as health damages. Knowing how to prevent water damages in the first place gives homeowners a clue regarding causes:

Installing gutters - keep them clean and direct runoff away from the house and it's foundation.

Inspecting the foundation - Look for the most minute crack , portions of the walls that bow, and positive grade away from the structure.

Sump pump installation and maintenance - TCM Waterproofing offers annual sump pump inspections and maintenance as needed.

Airflow - Properly ventilating the basement is one of the keys to improving indoor air quality. Dehumidifiers are used to facilitate proper ventilation by lowering moisture in the air. This will greatly assist in the prevention of mold or mildew.