Basement Window Installation

Choose between glass block windows for ultimate privacy, or install an egress window for an emergency entrance or exit! No matter your reasoning, TCM installs energy efficient, high quality windows for your basement!
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Basement Window Types

Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows are especially useful for basements and first floor windows because they are very hard to breach. They’re made of masonry and that means they’re nearly impossible to remove. That’s why home-owners frequently turn to glass block to make their basement windows not only more secure but also virtually waterproof. Glass block windows not only make your home safer, they are also energy-efficient. These thick glass blocks let light flood into the room, without allowing you to see through them, so you get tons of both natural light and privacy.

Egress Windows

Egress windows are a necessary component of a finished basement. They serve as an emergency exit, but also provide fresh air in your basement to improve your home’s overall air quality and to increase natural light.


Exterior Basement Access

Experience effortless exterior basement entry with our BILCO doors. Known for durability and security, these doors seamlessly integrate into your property, improving functionality. The hinged design ensures easy operation, swinging open to create a spacious, unobstructed pathway to your basement or below-ground areas.