Basement Waterproofing

TCM Waterproofing offers many basement waterproofing solutions and each project is designed and installed to meet the unique interests of the homeowner. We start with an on-site inspection in order to provide a professional assessment of the water issue. We use methods that have been proven to work over time. In the end, whether the homeowner decides to remedy the problem from the inside or the outside, both offer a transferable lifetime warranty because both are permanent solutions!

If you have water in your basement, the first question to address is whether or not an exterior waterproofing job is an option.  If your home is in a low lying area, if there are obstructions around the perimeter of your homes such as a deck, patio, or swimming pool, and if there isn’t sufficient area between your home and your neighbor’s property to allow for excavating equipment, then approaching the issue from the outside isn’t an option.  But if possible,  homeowners often prefer an exterior solution because that’s where the problem originated.  This consists of excavating to the footer, replacing the footer tiles, pressure washing the foundation walls, sealing cracks with hydraulic cement, spraying the walls with a sealant, sealing the walls with a waterproof membrane, and backfilling with gravel.

To tackle the problem from the inside, the perimeter of the basement floor is opened and a drain tile is installed.  This tile collects any water that is below the foundation level, acting as a funnel to direct the water into the drain.  A synthetic wrapping is placed on the walls, allowing the water from the wall to shed down into the drain tile.  The drain is surrounded with gravel to keep it clean and connected to a sump pump which discharges the water into the yard or downspout discharge line.  This creates a safe and dry environment in your basement.

An exterior job is usually about twice the cost of water control for the interior of your basement, but both are effective and the one you choose depends on your specific situation. The first step to any wet basement solution is to contact TCM Waterproofing for a free assessment and inspection.  Precautionary actions are the key to keeping your basement healthy and dry. We know you’ve got questions and we’ve got answers, so feel free to ask and we will be glad to help. We look forward to earning your business.

Dangers of Hydrostatic Pressure

As forces of nature, such as moisture and frost interact with the soil around and under your home, the soil expands.  That expansion results in constant inward pressure on your foundation walls and concrete slab floor until it can no longer support the pressure.  This in turn causes cracking and bowing of the walls or subsurface drainage issues. 

Basement Waterproofing

DryShield Wall Encapsulation

Common Issues:

Basement Odors

 Musty smells in your basement are usually caused by mold or mildew, which thrive in damp, dark locations. When humidity levels are high, these conditions develop.

Solution: The first step is to lower the humidity by running a dehumidifier. If this doesn’t improve the air quality, contact a waterproofing contractor to get information concerning interior water control.

Mold & Mildew Removal

Air moves upward, therefore mold in the basement means mold in the upper levels of the home. 40% of the air you breathe on the first floor is circulated from your basement, so it is important to keep it mold-free. It only takes 24-48 hours for mold to grow on damp surfaces. Mold is toxic. It is hazardous to your health and causes asthma, sinus infections, and allergies.

Solution: Since mold grows wherever there’s moisture, sometimes a dehumidifier is an easy solution because it will reduce indoor humidity. Other times, if a water intrusion problem exists, it needs to be addressed by contacting a waterproofing contractor.


When water enters the porous surfaces of concrete block walls, it may leave behind mineral deposits, causing a white powdery coating. The most common water source causing efflorescence is condensation within a wall. By looking at the location of the substance, you will have a good idea of its source.

Solution: Applying a combination of warm water and white wine vinegar has been shown to eliminate efflorescence. If the issue is persistent, Dryshield, a type of waterproof wall panels, can be installed to encapsulate the wall. This is a cost-effective, permanent solution.

Foundation Repair or Replacement

Fortress Stabilization Systems (Kevlar Straps & Anchors)

Common Issues:

Cracked Walls

Your foundation walls will begin to crack when they are slowly moved by hydrostatic pressure, This occurs when water-saturated soil against the foundation wall freezes and thaws.  Water itself weighs approximately 60 pounds per cubic foot, but when hydrostatic pressure pushes, the weight increases by thousands of pounds.  Different types of soil increase the probability of this occurring. Solution: This is a simple repair using kevlar straps if addressed early and before there’s extensive damage. 

Bowed Walls

When cracks are undetected or allowed to progress, walls begin to buckle or bow.  The continual water intrusion places undue pressure on the foundation wall.  Replacing the wall is an option, but there are less expensive solutions such as carbon-kevlar straps for minimal damage. Solution: If there is major bowing or buckling, the exterior wall will need to be excavated, steel I-beams installed to straighten the wall, then carbon-kevlar straps are installed to support the wall.  These straps are engineered to withstand 234,700 psi.  Your wall is then, three times stronger than an original wall.

Sump Pump Installation & Service

Ice Guards

Common Issues:

Sump Pump Failure

If you have a sump pump it means that you’re already aware of water problems in your home and the possibility of damage.  If your sump pump fails at the wrong time, it means water backing up and a flooded basement.  The best way to avoid this fiasco is to have a professional check your pump regularly.  In addition, a sump pump back-up or alarm may be installed.

Basement Window Installation

Glass Block Windows
Egress Windows

Common Issues:

Leaky Windows

Windows allow sunshine to enter a basement, but are much more prone to leaks than concrete walls. If your existing windows are broken or the integrity of the seal has been jeopardized, you should consider replacing them with new glass block windows. Glass block windows not only make your home safer, they are also energy-efficient.

Egress windows are a necessary component of a finished basement. They serve as an emergency exit, but also provide fresh air in your basement to improve your home’s overall air quality and to increase natural light.

And Much More!

Crawl Space Encapsulation
Exterior Drainage Systems (French Drains)
Trench Drains
Incorrect Grading/Exterior Drainage

Many basement water issues are caused by a bad grade or gutters/downspouts not working properly. It is important that the soil next to your home slopes away from the structure to avoid water pooling in the yard and finding its way into the basement. This is an area of preventive maintenance for all homeowners.

Solution: Adding positive grade or an exterior drainage system might be the solution for your wet, soggy yard.

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