Basement Waterproofing in Franklin County, Ohio

Waterproofing for a Home’s Foundation

Why Call TCM Waterproofing If Your Home’s Bowed Or Cracked Foundation Needs Repaired Due To Water Damage In Franklin County, Ohio?

Discerning homeowners understand the significance of maintaining their home’s foundation. TCM WATERPROOFING is a reputable waterproofing company in Franklin County, Ohio, well-regarded for its dedication to preventing and repairing damaged foundations over its many years in business.

Causes Of Foundation Damage

Several factors can lead to water damage in a home. A flat or negative slope around the home’s foundation is one contributor, resulting in the accumulation of water near the base. Another cause is builder error or neglect, where inadequate waterproofing during construction can lead to potential water damage. 

Why Is Water Damage So Costly?

Water damage incurs substantial costs as it tends to escalate over time, leading to significant harm to the home, including foundation cracks, bowed or fractured basement walls, and basement water leakage. Given that the foundation serves as the vital support system for your home, ensuring its structural soundness is of utmost importance.

To The Rescue

Our internal basement water control system involves conducting all operations within the basement. The process includes opening the floor adjacent to the exterior walls, installing a drain tile. This drain tile system efficiently collects water underneath your foundation, acting as a funnel to channel the water into the drain. The drain is protected by gravel for cleanliness. Subsequently, the drain system connects to a sump pump that directs water either into your yard or through the downspout discharge line.

Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Both types of systems are covered with a LIFETIME TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY & ARE 100% EFFECTIVE! Your job will be completed by professionals with 30+YEARS OF MAINTENANCE ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE. You can sleep through the next rainstorm knowing that your basement is dry. No more will you need to use the shop vac to prevent the basement from flooding!