Basement Waterproofing in Coshocton County, Ohio

Basement Waterproofing Proactively Safeguards Your Memories and Lifestyle

Why Call TCM Waterproofing If Your Home’s Bowed Or Cracked Foundation Needs Repaired Due To Water Damage In Coshocton County, Ohio?

Protect Your Investment

TCM Waterproofing offers many basement waterproofing solutions, all of which puts an end to the water and moisture problems that plague the foundation of your home, so you can enjoy a dry basement and it can be used for storage or living space. We do not sell expensive products, instead we work hard to complete the job with methods which have worked for decades. Each job is a unique solution. We offer both exterior waterproofing and interior water control.

Damaged interior wall with missing tiles and exposed structure.
Damaged foundation in basement with exposed soil.

How Did Your Walls Get This Way?

As forces of nature, such as moisture and frost interact with the soil around your home, the soil expands. That expansion results in constant inward pressure on your foundation wall until it can no longer support the pressure, causing cracking and bowing.