We provide tailored solutions to each project we work on so our customer is left with a job done right the first time. Often times, TCM Waterproofing is called out to fix what other companies worked on a few years prior! Our philosophy is to do it right once and never worry about it again. Below are a few projects from our satisfied customers.


External soil pressure caused the foundation wall of this barn to fail. It was pushed in 6" and had a 1 1/4" separation in the corner of the barn. We straightened the wall with power braces, then installed carbon kevlar straps to stengthen the wall. It's now 3X stronger than a new wall.

The last image reminds us that women in the construction industry are valuable employees and "Can Do It!. Tom says that he would take her over four guys!


The glazed block foundation of this home was compromised due to hydrostatic pressure.  Hydrostatic pressure is pressure from a body of water at rest due to the force of gravity.   The weight of the water is what causes the pressure, therefore, the higher the water table in the soil next to your foundation, the greater the pressure.  The steps of this job  consisted of excavation, installation of power braces and kevlar grid straps, then backfilled with gravel.

Benefits of Working with TCM

  • Peace of mind
  • Provide permanent solutions
  • Create healthier home environments
  • Increase in property value by 25% or more
  • Add usable living space
  • Lower heating & cooling costs by 10-15%
  • Improve the structural integrity of your home
  • Protects your belongings from water damage
  • Prevention of basement flooding
  • Reduction in cost of insurance claims (20% are water-related)